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Who Is Crossing the Thames?

TJ Fittis

TJ Fittis - Crossing the Thames Caricature
Gooner Lover, Wilshere Apologist, Arsenal til’ he dies.

Chances are, no matter what team you support, you’ve been in a heated debate with a fan of your fiercest rival. TJ and Dan have had a long friendship separated by the chasm of English football team allegiances.

The rivalry between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur stems back 1913 when Arsenal moved from their stadium at Plumstead to a new location at Highbury. This new location was only 4 miles away from White Heart Lane, Tottenham’s former stadium. Ever since that move, a fierce rivalry developed.

The Crossing the Thames podcast pits TJ, a staunch Gooner, against Dan, a hardcore Spurs supporter. While they will agree from time to time, there’s no doubt where their loyalties lie.

TJ vs. Dan. Arsenal vs. Tottenham. Gunners vs. Spurs. Where do you stand?

Dan Ericson

Dan Ericson - Crossing the Thames Caricature
#COYS, Kane is one of our own, To Dare is to Do!